0361TQ Welding Cable to BS 683

Application and Description

These cables are used for the transmission of high currents from the electric welding machine to the welding tool. they are suitable for flexible use under rough conditions, on assembly lines and conveyor systems, in machine tool and motor car manufacturing, ship building, for manually and automatically operated line and spot welding machines.

Standard and Approval

Technical Characteristics

Working voltage: 100/100 volts
Test voltage: 1000 volts
Flexing bending radius: 12.0 x Ø
Fixed bending radius: 7.5 x Ø
Flexing Temperature: -25º C to +80º C
Fixed Temperature: -40º C to +80º C
Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1

- Extra fine bare/tinned copper strands
- Stranding to BS 6360 class 6,or class 5 (120mm² and above)
- Synthetic or paper separator over core
- EPR (Ethylene Propylene Rubber) to BS7655
- Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene (C.S.P.), HOFR (Heat and Oil Resistant and Flame Retardant)to BS7655 , black/ orange