For over 20 Years, Ningbo NINGGANG has successfully manufactured high quality cables from China to the world market.
We specialize in manufacturing and exporting many kinds of wire and cables. We have professional engineers, skilled workers, advanced manufacturing equipments and scientific management.
Our main products are rubber welding cable, PVC welding cable, electrical cable, Europe standard rubber and PVC electrical cable, battery cable, booster cable and plugs.
Our commitment to service and our abilities to provide the ideal solutions for your application is the basis for our growth. When you come to Ninggang, you can expect personalized attention.  Our experts will help to identify, solve and supply your flexible cable needs and requirements- for any environment.
NINGGANG advantages are:  high quality in competitive pricing, small minimum order, quick deliveries, extensive inventory and advanced production engineering.
We hope you enjoy your experience on our new website and can find what you are looking for.  We look forward to serving you in the future and creating long-lasting business relationships.
We thank you for your time and interests,
Ningbo Ninggang Cable manufacturing co.,ltd
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